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10 Easy Methods for Pest Control in Brisbane

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Pest infestation is a headache. Luckily DIY remedies are effective against different pests. You can implement DIYs from the comfort of your home and prevent structural damage and other pest-related issues. In this article, you will learn easy methods for pest control in Brisbane, which are effective even in severe cases. However, if these DIYs do not work, you must consult with an expert for advanced pest control in Brisbane services. Specialists have years of experience, knowledge, skills, and techniques to find the best solution for your needs.    


1. Clean Your Premises   

Cleaning the bedroom and lounge is not enough; you must clean the surroundings of your property. It is more important if you have a lawn, backyard, or garden. You have to spray pesticides once a week and use sanitizer all over the indoor areas. Please remember that you have to use eco-friendly pesticides in the garden because chemical pesticides can harm the growth of the plants.   


2. Clean Drains    

Pests like rodents and cockroaches survive in the drain, sewage lines, and dark areas. You should not prepare a breeding ground for them. You can spray pesticides in the drains and sewage lines that prevent the growth of such insects and pests. If they enter your house, you can use natural baits and traps to catch them easily. However, if you think the pest infestation becomes severe, you should consult with a pest control Brisbane expert because these pests can attract other pests leading to structural damage and health diseases.   


3. Use of Nets        

Using nets is an easy and traditional way to prevent mosquitoes, fleas, and bees. Now you do not need to shut the windows in the evening. You can maintain ventilation in your room by keeping nets on the doors and windows. Otherwise, you can use pest repellant sprays to prevent insects and flies.    


4. Clean Trash Bins     

You should not keep a garbage bin open; it attracts pests and insects into your house. You must dispose of steel foods, cups, and water safely, so they do not invite rodents, cockroaches, and possums. Many homemakers leave garbage bins outside of their houses, allowing pest infestation in surrounding areas. You should spray sanitizers and pesticides to prevent such issues.   


5. Seal the Entrance   

If you notice pest infestation on your premises, you must track the pest to find the entrance. After that, you can seal the area or use nets to prevent further infestation. Besides that, you can also use natural pest repellents such as rosemary, lavender, mint, lemongrass, and basil because the smell of these herbs irritates pests.   


6. Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Clean       

Cabinets, chimneys, sinks, gas stoves, and sewage lines are dark and moist areas, so pests like to invest in these areas and spread quickly in other rooms. You can clean them at least once a month on your residential premises, but you have to outsource the task for your commercial premises. You can get the help of a local pest control Brisbane expert. They have years of experience, knowledge, and skills to find the best pest treatment method.    


7. Cover Food to Avoid Contamination     

Do not keep food and fruit open, especially at night. Keep them in a freezer or airtight container to prevent food contamination. You must keep the vegetables in the freezer to keep them safe because sometimes you may have them directly without boiling, which may lead to diseases.   


8. Clean and Sanitise the Store Room       

Pests mostly infest in the storeroom because they get cement structures, papers, clothes, and broken items to hide and breed quickly. You must clean the storeroom and spray pesticides to avoid pest infestation.    


9. Vacuum Daily     

You must use a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to capture microparticles. You can apply a top-to-bottom approach to properly clean the entire premises. Regular vacuuming reduces the chance of pest infestation and enhances the aesthetic quality of your rooms.     


10. Apply DIY Remedies for Pest Control Brisbane      

Chemical pesticides are not safe, but you can use them outside of your premises. You should prefer DIY pesticides for indoor pest treatment. Eucalyptus oil is effective against bees, fleas, and mosquitoes. Use natural traps, sticky traps suitable against bed bugs, possums, rodents, cockroaches, rats, and mice infestation. However, you must consult with an expert if you face severe infestation.   


Consult Pest Control Brisbane Specialists   

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