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Why the Ant Pest Control Service is Important in Brisbane?

Ant Pest Control

Ants are a common species in our residential and commercial premises. They play a vital role in our ecosystem. However, they can cause health hazards to human beings. Some species of ants can be more dangerous with powerful stings and bites, which lead to allergic reactions in the human body. They also lead to structural damage. That is why you need an ant control service in Brisbane. If you want to know more about it, please read this article.  

Affects Human Health  

Ants can carry germs and spread them throughout the room. It can contaminate food and drinks. This six-legged social creature carries salmonella bacteria and spreads infectious diseases, including smallpox and dysentery.  

Ant Pest Control Service

Cause Structural Damage  

Carpenter ants, field ants, and harvester ants cause structural damage. For example, harvester ants dig the floor, and carpenter ants prepare nests that damage the structure of your property. However, you can control and repair this in case of minor damage.  
In the case of old ruined structures, it may damage the structural integrity, and the whole building may suffer. It is difficult to protect your property without the assistance of an ant control Brisbane expert. Specialists also encourage the clients to apply DIY ant repellent instead of chemical-based solutions.   

Ants Damage Green Landscape  

Do you have a garden or lawn with fresh green plants? We understand your headache when you see the ants create a pathway within the grass and damage the flowers and lawnmowers. Some ants also attract other insects, which can cause more damage to your green landscape. That is why you need ant pest control service. Brisbane experts have years of experience, training, and knowledge to find out the best method of controlling such infestation on your premises.  

Ants Make Nests in Your Room  

Ants usually change their nests. That means the queen ants always search for new homes. You do not know that a full hive of ants is present in your room. When they find a food source, they usually build their nests around that food. That is why you have to spray insecticides regularly to keep pests away from your room.  

Contaminate Your Food  

As we have already told you, ants carry bacteria and invite other pests. They contaminate food, and drinks and cause severe skin diseases to your pets. Always keep your food in a container or keep it in a freezer.   

Tips to Getting Rid of Ants Infestation  

Here you have learned the importance of ant control service in Brisbane and its effect on your health and property. It is also important to learn how to control them by maintaining simple habits and spraying homemade pesticides.   

  • The first and most important step would be to vacuum your floor and furniture regularly to keep it neat and clean.  
  • Cleaning indoors is not enough; make sure the outside of your home is also clean.  
  • You can use a sticky trap in case of severe infestation.  
  • Some herbs like rosemary, lemongrass, mint, and bailey are pest repellent. You can prepare a natural pesticide with these herbs. 
  • You can fumigate the area, but we would not encourage you to do it without the assistance of an expert.  
  • Lastly, if DIY methods fail, you should consult with an expert for ant control in Brisbane 

Are Ants Dangerous to Human Health?   

Most ants do not pose a serious health risk to human beings, but there are some ants that cause skin irritation to humans and pets. If you think an infestation becomes intolerable on your premises, then we would request you to think about the environmental benefit. Killing the ants is not the only solution.

We understand that ants can contaminate food. They have strong bites and stings for self-defense. These are weapons for their survival. Stings and jaws help ants to carry food items, and kill their prey or potential predators, but these are harmless to human beings and animals. That means if you have kids and pets, do not worry about an ant infestation, but you have to control it if it becomes severe.

Yes, it is true that red fire ant contains an alkaloid, which causes deadly allergic reactions to the victim, but there is a treatment for it.  

However, most of the ants have wasp-like stings that cause itching if injected into a human body. This sting has formic acid, which leads to dizziness and sweating. It is harmless!

Call Ant Control Service Brisbane  

If you cannot prevent ant infestation with DIY remedies, then it is time to call an ant control Brisbane expert. We have local certified experts available for you 24/7. If you need an urgent service, please feel free to call us directly. Our specialists will reach your location within one hour of confirmed booking. We provide same-day service in your locality. You will get an appointment if you inquire.